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Ladies fashion tassel knitted shawl

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15 years export with German & Japanese standards; strict implementation of multi-purpose inspection standards, export OEM or ODM products by zero return rate, life-long warranty.

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Knitted sweater processing – Poncho Wrap Cape Shawl

Style: Large, loose & long Wrap/Cape/shawl;

Process: 7 GG Seamless stitching without crimping;

Material: Wool Blend;

Feature: Loose, natural, fine;

A wrap of comfort, drapes beautifully in wool blends. A classic poncho-inspired Y-cut shawl, a once-size-fits-all cut that truly compliments any body figure. Your perfect rib-knit overlay, a Fall / Winter snuggle staple.

Knitted sweater processing
poncho shawl wrap 2
poncho shawl wrap 3

Custom Ladies fashion tassel knitted shawl

Custom Ladies fashion tassel knitted shawl

Style: Hand knitted shawl with tassel multi-color collision roll-collar & stakerope;

Process: Knitting Sweater in 5 GG Jacquard Processing;

Material: Swelling cotton acrylic;

Feature: Complex craft, special, Indian style;

Custom Ladies fashion tassel knitted shawl-3
Custom Ladies fashion tassel knitted shawl-4

Maintenance and washing:

1. Knitted cashmere products are made of a kind of precious cashmere raw materials. Because knitted cashmere is light, soft, warm and slippery, it is best to wash it by hand separately (not mixed with other clothes) ; Cashmere products of different colors should not be washed together to avoid staining.

2. Before washing, record the size of knitted cashmere products. Cashmere products stained with coffee, juice and blood should be sent to a special washing and dyeing shop for washing.

3. The washed knitted cashmere products need to be "over-acid" (that is, the washed knitted cashmere products are soaked in a solution containing an appropriate amount of glacial acetic acid) in order to neutralize the soap and lye remaining in the cashmere and improve the luster of the fabric. The wool fiber plays a protective role. If there is no glacial acetic acid in the "over acid" procedure, it can be replaced by edible white vinegar, but after the acid is over, clean water is required.

4. After rinsing with clean water at about 30℃, you can put the supporting softener in the amount according to the instructions, and it will feel better.

5. Squeeze out the water in the knitted cashmere product after washing, put it into the net bag and dewater it in the dehydration drum of the washing machine.

6. Spread the dehydrated knitted cashmere sweater on a table covered with towels, measure it to its original size with a ruler, and arrange it into a prototype by hand to dry it in the shade, avoid hanging it in the sun.

7. After drying in the shade, you can use medium temperature (about 140℃) steam ironing. The distance between the iron and knitted cashmere products is 0.5~1 cm, and you must not press on it. If you use other irons, you must put a wet towel.

We do better for you for your knitted sweater processing!


WG: Own factory. 26 German Stol computer machine production equipment and stable skilled staff nearly 100 people for production, 1.5GG thick, 16GG thin can be available, monthly output can be reached 100,000 pieces. MOQ: start with 1 piece per color; sampling 2-3 working days; delivery 3-7 working days, 3 working days for reorders.

Others: Domestic computer machines, rarely own imported computer machines, most of the workers are to be using temporary ones to catch up schedule.

WG: 15 years export with German & Japanese standards; strict implementation of multi-purpose inspection standards, export OEM or ODM products by zero return rate, life-long warranty.

Others: More of them pay more attention to large quantity and delivery efficiency.

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  • Wonderfulgold (WG) is a factory professional in knitted sweater processing. That is to say, we own knitting factory to focus on OEM, ODM or OBM sweater processing for 15 years, involving high-end brands and tailored uniform. With strict quality control and the fastest delivery, we provide you with high-quality knitted sweater processing.

    MOQ: 1 piece per color; Delivery 3-7 workign days; stable quality, zero rate rework.

    If you are interested in WG, contact us and we will answer you for cooperation at the first time.

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