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    Nowadays people like to wear new clothes. There are more shape wears particularly for ladies, for whom their s-shaped silhouette can be delineated. Swearters are the prominent, sought-afer garment for ladies/women. Therefore, genre, pattern, style should be taken consideration of coherently. Cost...
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  • How to Choose a Sweater that Fits Your Silhouette?

    How to Choose a Sweater that Fits Your Silhouette?

    Basically it includes style/pattern, color, matching, etc. It can not be wanton to choose a style of a sweater, it should start from details such as figure, color of skin. By your careful selection, a simple sweater wearin...
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  • How are pullovers, sweatshirts & hoodies different?

    How are pullovers, sweatshirts & hoodies different?

    (This article was Posted by Just Sweatshirts on 12/24/2019 to Fashion Trends) When it comes to winter outerwear, we often get quite muddled up about what goes with what. So many of us reach out for a pullover or a frontline hoodie without giving a second thought about styling it right. It goes wi...
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  • Distinguish of Sweaters – Good or Bad

    Four aspects can be used for identification of woolen sweaters. First, Appearance: Sweater surface should be flat with a sense of woolly aspect, the needle should be clear, no obvious uneven yarn, no unproportional in thick and thin, no neps, no thin and dense needles here and there, no pattern m...
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  • A Good Way to Identify Sweaters!

    Knitted sweater: Knitted garments made of one strand (layer) of wool knitted yarn with soft feeling, bright colors, good elasticity, beautiful style, comfortable dress, and it’s thinner than a woolen sweater (rong xian shan). Woolen sweater: Thick hair, good warm performance, durable for we...
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  • How to Take Care of the Sweater?

    When the weather is neither cold nor hot, many people in the street wear woolen sweaters which were stylish and beautiful. The raw material of real woolen sweater is made of sheep hair. It is very good to be with the function of keeping warm in autumn and winter, and it is also very breathable. I...
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  • Washing Method

    1. Common Washing Usually, washing instructions can be found from the washing label regularly for a sweater. Do as per request when wash. It is suitable for most sweaters for dry cleaning, also can be washed by hand. If wash by hand, be sure to use a sweater-specific detergent. Put the detergent ...
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  • Storage and Replacement

    It is easy for wool to be damaged by worms, and it is easy to deform due to thin and slight heavy, so it is a must to wash and then dry before collection. Stacked and pack in flat, no hanging to avoid draping deformation. Do not mix with other products. Place in a ventilated, dry place to keep aw...
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  • What’s the tip for a sweater with no wool loss?

    Tip for a sweater with no wool loss: Dissolve a tablespoon of starch in half a basin of cold water, soak the sweater and then take it out, no twisting. Drain and put it in water with a small amount of detergent for 5 minutes.
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  • How to wash a knitted sweater without shrinking

    Woolen sweaters are more expensive. How to clean and have it a better protection? Step 1- Find a right cleaning utensil The basin is a good one to wash sweaters by hand. Before washing, make sure the basin is clean. Also a clean plastic bathtub can be used. Step 2- Regulate water temperature Chec...
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  • Knitwear features

    1. Warmth retention Blended with wool and thermal fibers. 2. Versatility Knit sweaters can only be matched in spring and autumn, and in winter, thin and thick, in various styles, and can be matched with jackets, jeans and dresses. 3. Close and comfortable Using a variety of smooth texture animal ...
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  • Identification of sweater ingredients

    The identification of sweaters is actually very simple. As an ordinary consumer, we can identify the authenticity of cashmere sweaters according to the following six methods: touching, grasping, putting, photographing, squeezing, and burning. Touch: The surface of the cashmere sweater is 60-70 mm...
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