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Italic Emma Cashmere Relaxed Turtleneck Sweater


There’s nothing quite so cozy as being enveloped by thick, luxurious cashmere all the way up to your chin. That’s just what the women’s Italic Emma Cashmere Relaxed Turtleneck Sweater does, keeping out the cold with its slightly slouchy turtleneck and deliciously soft knit. And while we’d expect to pay a pretty penny for this combination of quality, warmth, and style, the Emma sweater is surprisingly well priced at under $200.

Note: Italic previously required a paid membership to purchase its merchandise; happily, that is no longer the case.

It feels pricier than it is. The Emma sweater’s Grade A Mongolian cashmere feels supple and high-end, in contrast to some similar, reasonably priced cashmere sweaters we tried that seemed artificially smooth, likely because they were treated with chemical softeners. The Emma sweater’s material looks refined, bounces back quickly when stretched, and produces very little fuzz. Like all cashmere, it has the potential to pill, but ours settled into a smooth finish after a couple of wears.

It’s extra toasty. The Emma sweater is made with a seven-gauge knit, and it’s thicker and warmer than many others that we tried. Its turtleneck offers the ultimate in coziness: You can unroll it up to the chin for extra coverage or double it over to protect against the chill. And the sweater’s generous ribbing, along the hem and cuffs, helps seal out cold air.

It’s comfy, stylish, and flattering. Whereas some turtlenecks can feel restrictive, the Emma sweater is easy, contemporary, and wearable. The collar isn’t overly tight, the body is relaxed, and the arms are slightly fitted, with long cuffs.

This is a thoughtfully constructed sweater, with raglan sleeves (which are attached to the body diagonally) creating a smooth fit at the shoulder. And because the sleeves are fully fashioned—meaning that the pieces are knit, not sewn, together—they lie perfectly flat. They look great whether you leave them down or push them up, and they stay in place thanks to springy, high-quality ribbing.