Knit Gauge

Professional Solution Provider

To ensure all products meet our consistent quality standards and your expectation, we insist on in-house manufacturing so that we have complete control over the whole production process,from material, sketches to final garments. Our factories are committed to exceptional social responsibility, having achieved mainstream certification standards and sustainability certificates in the market such as BSCI, RBCS,GRS ,BCI, etc.

All products are delivered directly to you from our own factories with no middlemen, which also enables us to offer you high-quality products at a competitive price.

We work to create a wide spectrum of knitted sweater from smooth, fine gauge knit pieces to a coarser or thicker-look sweater. Our Fine Knitting staff works year-round, creating well-made knits, knowing when to use the proper knitting needle gauge to create anything from an all-season knit cover-up cardigan to a warm, winter time, chunkier knitted sweater. We understand how to work with a wide range of knitting gauge units which measures the number of needles in one inch width of the machine needle bed, from 1.5gg to 18gg knitted sweaters.

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