Production & Logistics

Getting to the stage of bulk production is a huge success and takes a few weeks or months. Generally speaking established brands work 1-2 months in advance, so plan sufficient time to get it right. 

What you decide to include in your bulk run largely depends on your requirements. All your garments will come with mandatory make and care instructions as well as brand specific labelling. If you'd like to include hang-tags, barcodes or stickers to you packaging or product - this is all achievable we'll just need to know the details!

1. Approvals
We will need all approvals prior to starting your bulk run. Pre-Production sample approvals are what we need to get started.

2. Garment Labelling
All your pieces will come labelled with the mandatory care label and brand specific labelling. These will be decided in your Tech Packs.

3. Materials

Prior to initiating bulk we will need all fabrications, stock and dyed, trims and packaging sent to the factory for construction.
4. Packaging
We have standard poly bags available for individual garment packaging requirements. If you have any specific packaging requirements we will nee this called out during development.

5. Production
The greatest amount of efficiencies are achieved at bulk production. During the process each item will be scrutinised at the highest standard ensuring superior quality control.

6. Dispatch
International shipping is daunting, however there are several companies out there that specialise in moving freight around the world. We'll put you in touch with some great providers!