Men’s custom knitted colored pullover

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Style: Men’s custom knitted colored pullover

Process: Knitting Sweater with 7 GG rib knitting.

Material: Lambswool

Feature: Fashionable, stylish, complex, long-time making

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WG: From sampling to shipment, there are professional staves to follow-up progress to ensure production quality and timely shipment.

Others: A staff works concurrently, or one follower-up to deal with several customers at the same time, cannot catch schedule of delivery.

How to clean knitted sweaters so that they will not be deformed:

1. Acetic acid soaking method

1. Before washing the knitted sweater, soak the dust on the knitted sweater in cold water for about 15 minutes;

2. Take out the soaked knitted sweater, squeeze out the moisture, and then put it in neutral In a solution mixed with detergent and water (the pH value is between 6-8, mainly laundry detergent), gently scrub clean.

3. Take out the clean knitted sweater, and then rinse it with clean water. In the last rinse, 2% edible vinegar can be dropped into the water. This can maintain the color and flexibility of the wool, which is very good for preventing deformation.

4. Then lay the knitted sweaters flat and dry after washing, so as to prevent deformation due to water gravity after washing.

2. Freezing method

1. After washing the knitted sweater, place it in the refrigerator freezer for about one hour.

2. Take out the frozen woolen sweater to dry (do not expose it to the sun), it will be as white as new, and the deformation will be greatly reduced.

Tile drying method:

1. After washing the sweater, do not wring out the water directly with both hands. You can take out the knitted sweater first, and then use a larger towel or bath towel to roll up the knitted sweater to absorb more moisture;

2. When the moisture content of the knitted sweater is low, it can start to dry. The recommended tool here is a clothes basket. The several-layer clothes basket can dry several knitted sweaters at the same time, and it is very convenient;

3. Place the clothes basket in a ventilated place, do not expose it to the sun, and then arrange the knitted sweaters to finish drying.

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