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Customized V-neck woolen vest overalls

Short Description:

Style: V-neck buttoned vest uniform for both men & women work team

Process: 12GG Plain+ floral stitching

Material: Wool

Features: Classic, Embroidery

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We have 20 professional knitting sweater ODM designers. Our designers, editors who major in knitting sweater sampling production, have worked for WG many years with professional quality and excellent communication skills. They can communicate directly with customers, in-depth understanding of needs, so as to meet to satisfaction of the customers.

Possession of 86 sets of professional OEM knitting sweater production equipment, such as flat sewing machine, wrapping machine, covering stitch sewing machine cutting bed, cut-off knife, steam iron, tag gun and other equipment. We offer reasonable price, good service, fast delivery, excellent quality to win the favor of consumers.

WG is a company with its own factory for knitted sweaters, established in 2006.

Our quality products are all designed at our factory in Dalang Town (the famous knitting manufacturing base), Dongguan City. We focus on custom knitwear of OEM, ODM or OBM. We do the hottest brand that fits the big-name stars, bring you the best knitwear in fashion from around the world.

Our award winning design team can help you to create the apparels, uniforms which display the professional pride for ladies, men and kids; for your staff or student cohort. We ensure that no matter your specific requirements or the size of your budget, we will design a sweater in new or novel fashion, or in vogue; a uniform that embodies your high-standards and professional image.

We continue to innovate the customized style that meet with your idol; and work or school uniform service we offer to maintain high quality at competitive prices. Our fast free quotes allow corporate and schools to easily compare the value we can offer to their current supplier.

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  • Wonderfulgold (WG) is a factory professional in knitted sweater processing. That is to say, we own knitting factory to focus on OEM, ODM or OBM sweater processing for 15 years, involving high-end brands and tailored uniform. With strict quality control and the fastest delivery, we provide you with high-quality knitted sweater processing.

    MOQ: 1 piece per color; Delivery 3-7 workign days; stable quality, zero rate rework.

    If you are interested in WG, contact us and we will answer you for cooperation at the first time.

    Company: Shenzhen Wonderfulgold Clothing Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Jeff Xiao, Awen Hu

    Cell Ph.: 0086-18018742688/0086-15986680086

    Address: 3rd Floor, No.104 Fusheng Road, Yangwu, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

    Email: sales@wonderfulgold.com; jeff@wonderfulgold.com

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