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Storage and Replacement

It is easy for wool to be damaged by worms, and it is easy to deform due to thin and slight heavy, so it is a must to wash and then dry before collection. Stacked and pack in flat, no hanging to avoid draping deformation.

Do not mix with other products. Place in a ventilated, dry place to keep away of light. When stored, moth-proof should be concerned, dehumidified case and/or insect-resist agent can be used, but to avoid direct contact between moth-proof agent and sweater.

When wearing inside, it is best to match a smooth, not too rough coat, and no hard articles to be put in the pocket to avoid pilling by friction.

When wearing as a coat, it is best to avoid friction against hard articles (e.g.: friction between sleeves and desk top, armrest; long time friction between the back and sofa). Do not trail hard hooks. It is best to keep a longer intermittence for changing (10 days is suitable) so as to hold its resilience.

Post time: Apr-21-2021