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How to wash sweaters must see the rules

When washing sweaters, first look at the washing method indicated on the tag and washing label. Sweaters of different materials have different washing methods.

If possible, it can be dry-cleaned or sent to the manufacturer’s after-sales service center for washing (the laundry is not very formal, it is best to find a good one to avoid disputes). In addition, it can generally be washed with water, and some sweaters are even It can be machine-washed, and general machine-washing requires the washing machine to be certified by the wool organization. How to wash sweaters:

1. Check whether there is serious dirt, and make a mark if there is. Before washing, measure the size of the bust, body length, and sleeve length, turn the sweater from the inside out, and wash the inside of the clothes to prevent hairballs.

2. Jacquard or multi-color sweaters should not be soaked, and sweaters of different colors should not be washed together to prevent mutual staining.

3. Put the special lotion for sweaters in water at about 35℃ and stir well, put the soaked sweaters into soaking for 15-30 minutes, and use high-concentration lotion for the key dirty areas and neckline. This kind of acid and alkali resistant protein fiber, do not use enzymes or detergents containing bleaching and dyeing chemical additives, washing powder, soap, shampoo, to prevent erosion and fading.) Wash the rest parts lightly.

4. Rinse with water at about 30℃. After washing, you can put the supporting softener in the amount according to the instructions, soak for 10-15 minutes, the hand feel will be better.

5. Squeeze out the water in the washed sweater, put it into a dehydration bag, and then use the dehydration drum of the washing machine to dehydrate.

6. Spread the dehydrated sweater flat on a table with towels, measure it to its original size with a ruler, arrange it into a prototype by hand, dry it in the shade, and dry it flat. Do not hang and expose to the sun to cause deformation.

7. After drying in the shade, use a steam iron at medium temperature (about 140°C) for ironing. The distance between the iron and the sweater is 0.5-1cm, and it should not be pressed on it. If you use other irons, you must use a slightly damp towel.

8. If there is coffee, juice, blood stains, etc., it should be sent to a professional washing shop for washing and the manufacturer’s after-sales service center for treatment.

Post time: Feb-23-2021