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How should I find a manufacturing factory if I want to OEM my own wool garments?

Post time: Aug-05-2022

With the development of woolen clothes market, there are more and more varieties of woolen clothes and more competition, the cost of people’s woolen clothes is also increasing, people who want to create woolen clothes brands, or already have woolen clothes brand companies, want to find strong manufacturers to process woolen clothes and launch new hot styles, however, how to find strong OEM manufacturers of woolen clothes is a big problem. Looking at the hot situation of woolen clothes market, many people think that this market still has more potential and also want to join the clothing industry, so they invest money, but want to have their own brand, how should they find OEM woolen clothes manufacturers with strong strength? Finally here is a summary of some experience, which means that the manufacturers to be found must have these things.

How should I find a manufacturing factory if I want to OEM my own wool garments?

1. fieldwork

There are many intermediaries in the wool clothing industry, and the prices of intermediaries are often relatively high and the quality is difficult to guarantee, so to process and produce wool clothing, you must conduct an on-site investigation of the wool clothing factory.

2、Strength factory

Investigate whether the wool garment factory has a sample designer. R & D team, many wool garment factories do not have sample designers and R & D team, these factories generally buy some formulas from other sample designer factories to produce, there is no ability to develop innovative formulas, so these factories are producing the same formula products in 3 three to five years.

3、R&D strength

Investigate the formula research and development personnel. Team, some wool garment processing factories have sample designers, but no R&D personnel. Team, they have engineers, but these engineers can only analyze the purchased formulas step by step, the real R & D staff should have new formulas. Have the ability to innovate, not simply understand the existing list of formulas.

4、Advanced equipment

Sample designer equipment, production equipment, advanced sample designer equipment is an important factor in determining whether a wool garment factory can develop new formulas; workshop production equipment is an important factor that affects the feel of wool garments. Therefore, the choice of wool garment OEM processing factory must depend on whether the equipment is advanced.

5、Production capacity

Although the requirements of wool garments for production workshops are not as high as pharmaceutical workshops, standardization has certain requirements for wool garment production workshops, such as fresh and clean. The exhaust and drainage system should meet the requirements, and the production workshop does not have to be large, but the facilities must be complete.

6、Enterprise background

Corporate background calendar, wool clothing OEM processing plant must be supported by a large group, understand the corporate background, the corporate calendar can be a focused good business, but also to judge the credibility of the factory and product quality.