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Knitted sweater T-collar with zipper

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Style: Knitted sweater T-shaped collar with zipper for both men and women

Process: High elastic sports knitwear

Material: High elastic cotton

Feature: sports /athletic, classical, good quality

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WG takes severe steps for production quality control. Very often shipment samples of each style and color will be sent for approval before the goods are released for shipping.

Some clients like to have a designated external service to go into our factory and do a thorough inspection of each individual item.

How to maintain knitted sweaters:

1. Knitwear is easy to deform, so you can't pull it vigorously, so as to avoid the shape of the clothes and affect your wearing taste.

2. Knitwear should be dried in the shade after washing, hang in a ventilated and dry place, and should be laid flat when drying, and placed in accordance with the original shape of the clothing to avoid deformation.

3. Knitwear should avoid exposure to sunlight, which will damage its luster and elasticity and make it yellow and black.

4. After wearing a knitted sweater for a long time, some parts will become shiny. For this, spray a half mixture of vinegar and water, and then wash it to restore the original shape.

5. White sweaters will gradually turn black after a long time. If the sweater is cleaned and placed in the refrigerator for one hour, then take it out to dry and it will be as white as new.

Knitwear will become wide and fat after being worn for a long time, especially improper cleaning will greatly shorten its life.

In order to restore it to its original shape, you can scald it with hot water. The water temperature is preferably between 70-80 degrees. If the water is too hot, it will shrink too small. If the sleeves or hem of the sweater lose its elasticity, it can be The part is soaked in 40-50 degrees hot water, taken out for 1-2 hours to dry, and its elasticity can be restored. In addition, when washing the sweater for the last time, add a little vinegar to neutralize the remaining soap Alkali can effectively maintain the elasticity and luster of the sweater.

Do not hang in the sun after washing. Wring or expose to the sun. You should squeeze out the water, shake it, put it in a net bag, and hang it in a ventilated place to dry.

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