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Washing Method

1. Common Washing

Usually, washing instructions can be found from the washing label regularly for a sweater. Do as per request when wash. It is suitable for most sweaters for dry cleaning, also can be washed by hand. If wash by hand, be sure to use a sweater-specific detergent. Put the detergent into warm water below 30 degrees, stir well and place for about 10 minutes. Put the sweater into water to be immersed, focus on rubbing at neckline and cuffs and other stains parts. After rubbing clean, to rinse with clean water. Water in the sweater can be also directly squeezed out by hand, and then lay the dehydrated sweater on the clean table and dry in ventilation. Place in a warm room to avoid ironing.

2. Use Edible Vinegar

If your sweater is accidentally stained with ink, use vinegar for cleaning. Dip in vinegar with paper, rub repeatedly at stains to remove ink.

Post time: Apr-21-2021