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Knitwear features

1. Warmth retention

Blended with wool and thermal fibers.

2. Versatility

Knit sweaters can only be matched in spring and autumn, and in winter, thin and thick, in various styles, and can be matched with jackets, jeans and dresses.

3. Close and comfortable

Using a variety of smooth texture animal and plant fiber blend.

4. Flexible

After the pressure test of the material testing laboratory, it is of high quality standard. Shaping clothes increase the elasticity of underwear by adding elastic yarns, and maintain and adjust the size and shape of the human body through traction.

5. Sculpt curves

When weaving, the local elasticity is handled according to the ergonomic three-dimensional weaving method, so that the shape of the body sculpting bottom shirt conforms to the human body curve, and the contraction force is increased in individual parts to achieve the effect of correcting the body shape and shaping the body, which is more suitable for the body curve. Create the perfect figure.

6. No sense of restraint

Wearing a tight body shaper for a long time will cause poor blood circulation, numb hands and feet, and even affect normal breathing. The lung tissue will not be fully stretched due to microcirculation obstacles, which will hinder the body’s oxygen supply and easily cause brain hypoxia. The body-sculpting bottoming shirt/trousers have undergone physical testing and pressure testing, and fully meet the high-quality standards of health. The ergonomic three-dimensional weave, moderate tightness, will not have a sense of restraint and dullness.

7. Good air permeability

Most organic materials such as animal and plant fibers are used to make the air permeability high, which is good for skin breathing. It will not hinder skin breathing, cause folliculitis or even rough skin due to sticking to the body for a long time.

Post time: Feb-23-2021