Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of sweaters

Post time: Feb-23-2021

The quality of wool sweaters should be distinguished from four aspects.

One is the appearance: the surface of the sweater should be smooth and hairy, and the stitches should be clear, and there are no obvious thick and thin yarns, thick and thin grades, wool particles, thin and dense stitches, pattern patterns, stains, and hot marks. Product.

The second is ribbing: plain clothes with ribbed cuffs and ribbed hem. The ribbed edges are straight, not loose or wrinkled, and those with a plump feel, warmth and elasticity are considered high-quality products, otherwise they are inferior.

The third is the color: bright color, pleasing to the eye, pure wool or wool blended sweaters have soft fat, the color of each part is the same, and there are no obvious defects such as color, color difference, and color grade.

The fourth is the suture: the suture is firm, the stitches are even, the stitches are straight, there are no leaks and obvious thin eyes and other defects are high-quality products, and vice versa.