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Identification of sweater ingredients

The identification of sweaters is actually very simple. As an ordinary consumer, we can identify the authenticity of cashmere sweaters according to the following six methods: touching, grasping, putting, photographing, squeezing, and burning.

Touch: The surface of the cashmere sweater is 60-70 mm, and the wool is finer than ordinary wool, with an average fineness of 14-16um, so it feels silky and comfortable to the touch. But there are some cashmere sweaters in the mall, which are very slippery to the touch. After rubbing the fingers, they still feel slippery. That is because the clothes are sprinkled with talcum powder.

Grab: Wool has medulla and is solid, while cashmere sweaters have no medulla and hollow, so they are quite elastic. Grasp it with your hand, it has a feeling of elastic glutinous rice.

Putting: Grab a handful of cashmere in your hand and let it go. Because the cashmere is animal protein, it will immediately recover smooth and hard to wrinkle.

Photo: Take the cashmere sweater, take a photo of this bright spot, and check the density of the cashmere sweater. The lines are clear and tidy, and it is not easy to show light. If the density is loose, the regulations are out of order and light is easy to transmit. A good cashmere sweater not only requires good cashmere purity, but also requires a certain amount. This is an important sign of judging cashmere sweaters.

Weigh: Weigh the weight of the cashmere sweater. A too light amount may be compromised and the manufacturing density is not enough. If it is too heavy, it may be mixed with wool.

Burning: When the cashmere sweater burns, it not only emits a scorched smell of protein and flint, but also burns slowly. The burned ash appears powdery, and it breaks when touched. When wool burns, it also has the smell of protein and flint, but the fiber ash shrinks quickly into a ball due to the burning of the Chinese fiber, which is easy to twist and break.

Post time: Feb-23-2021