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How to find wool garment OEM processing factory online?

Post time: Aug-05-2022

In addition to e-commerce platforms, there are many B2B platforms where you can find wool garment OEM factories. So how to find a suitable and reliable wool garment factory?

How to find wool garment OEM processing factory online?

  How to find a suitable and reliable wool garment factory

Micro-businesses, e-commerce companies and some traditional offline wool clothing companies make it very easy for them to find the most cost effective wholesale products on e-commerce platforms without pressure. However, they can be confused about finding a wool garment processing factory.

This is because wool garment foundries exist as an industry that is not as transparent and clear as wool garments. Especially for those who excel in marketing, they know very little about the back end of the wool garment supply chain due to information asymmetry.

Currently, the market for wool clothing on e-commerce platforms is actually relatively chaotic. The coexistence of various confusions directly interferes with our intuitive judgment. The e-commerce platform is the front-end display of the ecological database, including distributors, wholesalers, brands, manufacturers, various heroic mixes and grassroots competition.

Therefore, the first step to quickly find a reliable wool garment factory on the e-commerce platform is to first screen out the stores of the real wool garment factories.

This operation is very simple. For example, when you enter the keyword: wool garment OEM in the search box of the e-commerce platform, you can select both the business model: production and processing. This way, wholesalers, distributors and agents can filter them out directly. It also avoids middlemen who you think are a factory, but are actually a factory. It allows screening to filter out at least some of them.

Screening only ensures quick filtering. But it still lacks reliability. As for reliability, every company that wants to do wool garment OEM or is doing it has a different customization. Judging and explaining based on our experience, reliability is nothing but: equal match of resources between both parties, right situation, pleasant two-way cooperation and trustworthy.

It involves a comparison between their own situation and the actual situation of the factory. It is highly unlikely that a company whose own brand is not particularly well known would want to work with a large traditional wool garment factory. This is because you want to take advantage of the resources of a large factory, and large factories are choosing the right customers for themselves.

You could say that large factories prefer to work with big brands rather than small and medium-sized brands. In this case, there is no doubt that finding a medium-sized suitable wool garment factory will be a reliable choice. So, what are the characteristics of these medium-sized wool garment factories? How should we find them in the vast ocean of goods? Here are three references and suggestions.

First: Woolen garment factories have relatively long years of operation.

We believe that the minimum standard here is 8 years or more. Woolen garment factories are a kind of factories that pay more attention to historical time deposits, which is the key to avoid stepping on potholes in later cooperation. In terms of production capacity, customer service capability and various cooperation guarantee systems, it is difficult to guarantee factories without time baptism. Here, we do not intend to attack those emerging woolen clothes factory, which is not absolute, but in the whole industry, the general situation is like this.

Second: There are national production lots dedicated to wool garments.

If you will investigate whether a wool garment factory has a national wool garment production license. We should all know that efficacy products are very popular, but perhaps you don’t know that efficacy products can only be produced with the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration, which is a special national wool coat approval. Not all factories have the qualification, which is a good reference to distinguish between dependability and non-dependability.

Third: see if the factory has its own independent brand

A strong wool factory must have its own brand. A strong wool garment factory must have a strong team to support it. Wool garment OEM is part of the manufacturing industry, but OEM itself its profits are slim, so the phenomenon of wool garment factories doing their own brand is actually very common, and dare to use their own formula to do their own brand, obviously reliable. Although they are not necessarily good at marketing and brand promotion, the brand also serves as an intangible asset.

After doing the above steps, we have found a largely reliable factory.

Finally, it is worth noting that when we basically decide to choose a factory to work with, we will go through a mutual bonding phase. In order to improve the smoothness of cooperation with each other, it is necessary, you should visit the factory and understand the specific situation. Only by establishing mutual understanding and trust, the subsequent cooperation can be smoother and more pleasant.