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A Good Way to Identify Sweaters!

Knitted sweater: Knitted garments made of one strand (layer) of wool knitted yarn with soft feeling, bright colors, good elasticity, beautiful style, comfortable dress, and it’s thinner than a woolen sweater (rong xian shan).

Woolen sweater: Thick hair, good warm performance, durable for wearing.

Cashmere sweater: A precious dress, it is called cashmere sweater in the international market. It’s lighter than wool and keeps warm; soft and glutinous feeling. It is made of pure cashmere for export, and cashmere 85%, cotton 15% blended in domestic sales, for which, the fastness is double than pure cashmere sweater.

Rabbit (Cony) hair sweater: It is a top-grade decorative variety of sweaters. It is made of rabbit hair or rabbit hair blended with wool. Light and fluffy, soft and glutinous feeling. It has a special luster and is warmer than wool. The surface of the fabric has longer plush, rigid but not prickly.

Camel’s hair sweater: Top-grade sweaters. The surface is dense and delicate; Soft feeling, elastic, warm, not easy to pill when wearing, not easy to shrink and defrom when washing.

Mohair sweater: Full of luster, the hair is very beautiful when straightened, generally straightened hair sweaters are produced much more.

Acrylic Shirt: The yarn is made of wool type fine fiber, bright color, light and warm, firm and durable, easy to wash and dry, but easy to ball-shape pilling, easy dirty, poor elasticity.

Viscose shirt: Finished by using wooly viscose fiber spinning yarn, poor sense of touching.

Post time: Apr-21-2021