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Knitted sweater in small coat with short or long sleeve small shawl

Short Description:

Style: Short or long sleeve small shawl;

Process: 12 GG flat sweater;

Material: Tinsel Cotton Blend;

Feature: Light, smooth, glossy and textured, wearable in various environments;

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Whether you're relaxing at home or layering up for a trip out, this tinsel cotton blends Cardigan is the perfect all rounder. It'll quickly become one of your fave's because of its cosy feel and easy styling. Layer it with your fave denim for an easy daytime look or pop it over your fave dresses and skirts for added warmth.

Open front / Front pockets / Long sleeve / Tinsel cotton blends

This knit has a relaxed fit displaying your excellent silhouette. Our model wears a size small/medium and is 160cm tall.


If you can use the knitted sweater shawl without ironing it, you can use it directly, I believe that the frequency of use will increase greatly. Here are 4 kinds of storage methods that are not easy to produce creases, and are easy to find and do not take up space. May wish to try it according to your actual needs.

(1) You can use the hanger for hanging suits and pants to fold the knitted sweater shawl into a ready-to-use state and hang it, and fix it with a clip, which is very convenient for access.

(2)Using a small storage drawer made of thick cardboard, you can choose a product with a width of about 30cm, and fold the knitted sweater shawl into 1/4 and store it in half.

(3) Hang a number of folded knitted sweater shawls on the hanger and fix them with clothespins. If the clothespins will leave marks on the knitted sweater shawls, thick paper can be used between the clip and the silk scarf.

(4) Fold the knitted sweater shawl into 1/4 size and put it in a folder with multiple inner layers. When storing, as long as the folder is laid flat, there will be no creases, and it is clear at a glance.

How to store knitted sweater shawls---wrap the hanging ears with aluminum foil: Every winter, when the collected knitted sweater shawls are taken out of the wardrobe, do the hanging ears bend and fold? How can they be ironed?

It is recommended that you arrange the hanging ears neatly and then wrap them in aluminum foil when storing them for a long time. How to store the scarf---wrap it in thin paper to prevent it from aliasing: After combing the hanging ears, fold it to the inside, and carefully wrap the scarf with a thin paper with good air permeability to prevent the hanging ears from getting knotted. Anti-mildew, otherwise it will be too late to regret when you see an unrecognizable knitted sweater shawl when you wait for the second year of use.

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