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After I put on a sweater and then chilling by cold air these days?

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Outside northerly whiz clamor small partners hear me ? Makes love to hate cold , a little cold grin , Trinidad raid to Yantai . 5-6 level northerly winds whistling a blow , the whole city shivering , the temperature gradually decreased, the minimum temperature is expected tomorrow, less than or equal 10 ℃. Cooler weather, everyone that small partners Tim Tim clothes clothing, which hold together hold together , remember to wrap into a ball , go with the "cold " dance now !

Gradually north wind blowing , cold air is " horn " , and the air corps coming under siege . Yes, but also cool ! Although this is not particularly fierce , did not rain , but still strong winds, cooling and other elite troops . Today the maximum temperature dropped to 15 ℃, tomorrow 16 ℃, the north wind blowing, although skies were sunny weekend , but the weather may be colder . Weather Company announced that the cold air operating system for managing automatic download files transferred to new clothes . Small partners who quickly donned heavy equipment , Hengdao immediately , shouted : " After I put on a sweater , and then cold wind these days ? " Just let your body down jacket armed , so save your hat scarf heat , so that the hot air pot warm your stomach ...... colder mornings next two days , the temperature in the single digits , oh !